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Investment Philosophy

At Salvus, we strive to provide growth of capital that is consistent with your goals, while maintaining a focus on our golden rule, preservation of your capital.  That is the central theme of our investment philosophy.  We believe this is best accomplished by allocating capital to a select group of experienced boutique managers who each focus on their own unique area of expertise.  Additionally, we think that it is of critical importance to maintain a long-term time horizon when investing capital.  Time can be an investor’s best friend in smoothing out the ups and downs that will inevitably occur in the markets.  Below are the key tenets of our investment philosophy:

  • Our Golden Rule – Preservation of Capital
  • Win by not losing
  • Long-term time horizon increases the probability of investment success
  • Do not try to time the market
  • In the absence of value, price is everything
  • Only invest in something you understand
  • Never confuse activity with progress
  • Allocate capital to specialized boutique managers